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Safety Glasses for Lampworking – Selection for 2022

05/20/2022 – Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK: Lampworking is slightly different than glassblowing. Glassblowing is about shaping the core foundational product through the transformation of sand and head. There are large furnaces and big metal rods all there to support everything.  Lampworking is almost surgical in its relation to glassblowing. It originated from using an actual… Read More »

New Nike Radiation Safety Glasses of 2022

04/22/2022 – Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK: At Safety Protection Glasses, our mission is to keep you supplied with the most relevant safety glasses out there that do what they’re actually supposed to do. That is, to offer you protective eyewear, either in general or specifically to a job you may have or a task that… Read More »

The Best Oakley Cycling Glasses of 2022: Safety Protection Glasses

02/17/2022 – Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK: When you hear the name Oakley, you know that it personifies glasses frames that exude quality craftsmanship with style. You probably only think of them as high-performing sunglasses, but they cover a wide variety of sectors, including making some top-of-the-range cycling glasses.  Getting yourself a pair of Oakley cycling… Read More »