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The Passionate Cut-Throat Power Ballad of Summer 2022

Emerging Artist Vox Vixen is breaking through National radio with an emotional Power-Ballad Single called “The Bluez Truez”. Her style as a vocalist and an artist embodies the very, true authentic old soul essence of music with an eclectic New Age merge. Her voice has been said to have resonance, undertones and acrobatic abilities of… Read More »

Nike Glasses Collection of 2022–Stylish from Start to Finish

03/15/2022 – Middlesex, NJ: Nike eyewear is more than just about visual excellence. With an unmatched performance, it establishes unbeatable optics all while being dedicated to quality, durability, and style.  RX Safety, now the leading online store for performance eyewear, offers a wide range of products, including Nike eyewear. In fact, when you choose Nike… Read More »

Celebrate International Women’s Day with Safety Frames from RX-Safety

03/04/2022 – Middlesex, NJ: As a country, we’ve reaped incredible benefits because of women and their increasing role in our economy. In fact, their entrance into paid work has been a major significant contributing force into the prosperity of America.  While evidence and research shows there’s still room for improvement as a society as earnings… Read More »